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Call Able Pest Control and protect yourself from painful stings. Our stinging insect extermination service is equipped to handle even the largest hives and nests. We offer hornet, wasp, and yellow jacket extermination. Everyone knows how important bees are for pollinating plants, but stinging insects should not be allowed to infest your structures and put your family, employees and visitors in danger! This is especially true with wasps and hornets, which have a strong tendency to be more aggressive than regular bumblebees and honeybees. It is a good idea to contact Able Pest Control as soon as you notice a hive on your property.
Wasp hive - Bee & Wasp Extermination in South King, WA
Wasp, bees, yellow jacket, and hornet extermination is a complicated and dangerous process. The hive or nest must be completely removed in order to prevent the stinging insects from expanding their colony, but doing this can be very dangerous. As soon as the stinging insects notice their home is under attack, they will swarm with absolutely no regard for their own safety. At Able Pest Control, our exterminators have the protective gear and experience to safely remove nests and hives without the fear of being stung.