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A Real Health Risk

Due to their damage and health concerns, the management of mice and rats in and around a home or business is essential. Like other pests, rodent prevention programs should start early before any signs of infestations have occurred. These signs include, but are not limited to: droppings, urine, runways, burrows, tracks odor and sounds. Able Pest Control has an effective plan of action to deal with mice and rats. Our rodent control program includes eradication, inspection, control and prevention.
Rodents are a notorious public health risk. They carry harmful diseases, have filthy habits and cause extensive damage to property. They also contaminate millions of pounds of food and cause thousands of fires and communication outages every year by chewing through insulation and wiring.
Damaged wire - Rodent Extermination in South King, WA
Identification and inspection are the first steps in any rodent management program. At Able Pest Control, talking with our customers and then correctly identifying the rodent species helps us to predict where the rodents are coming from and any potential hiding places. We conduct a proper inspection before attempting any treatment measures. Rats and mice can hide just about anywhere but our pest technicians know just where to look. During the inspection, we try to locate all possible rodent shelters, such as voids in access panels, suspended ceilings, crawl spaces, attics and behind appliances. In addition, we identify all possible food and water sources, such as pet food and garbage areas. Further we find the rodent entry points, often in areas around pipes and utility lines, and we point out areas with high infestations.